Monday, July 8, 2013

Hi everyone!

I don't think I could be like Ty and write 10 pages every week but I'll see what I can do. I am loving it here. At first I didn't really know what to think because so much was thrown at me right away but I am coming along. You would not believe how much I have grown and learned just in the past three days. I think I will do just fine in Japan.
I may be kidding but North Carolina is actually sounding pretty nice right now. I am in a district with about 8 other Elders and Sisters going to the same mission and the other half is going to Mesa Arizona, where it has been over 115 for the last week or so. Yeah glad I'm not going there. Anyways like I said i am learning so much and embarking on an incredible journey that i think will carry into the rest of my life. not only have i been learning about the gospel, but i have learned a lot about me as a person. and yes, i am having lots of fun as well. i took it upon myself to nickname all six elders staying in my room, the likes of which i will not disclose at this time. but i will tell you about my companion. his name is elder larkin and he is a very nice and patient kid. he is from st george (but he doesnt know the Days) and just got out of high school. by the way about 80% of the elders here right now could not be here without the age change, and there were over 900 elders that entered the mtc the same day as me! Kind of makes me feel insignificant that as much as i stand out back home for serving a mission i am at the same level as thousands and thousands of others. i just think that is humbling to know how much the lord's work is progressing and it really puts into perspective the incredible power of the gospel. I feel so blessed to be a missionary right now, to be able to see the work erupt like it is. there are missionaries here going anywhere you could possibly think of and even places that we dont even know exist! The work is literally flooding the earth. I like to imagine it as the baptism by fire of the earth. Since it was baptized by water back in Noah's day, this is the baptism of fire or the spirit that the scriptures talk about. A sister in my district going to my mission found a scripture in alma about everyone being able to receive the gospel in their own nation and tongue. that was really powerful to me, because that is why we still need powerful missionaries in places like North Carolina.

Anyways, Im pretty short on time, but i will try to write home this week! By the way i love the food and i have lost 5 pounds already from working out and such so im on my way haha. the district calls me elder cracker cuz i always steal crackers and what not from the cafeteria to eat during class.

Thats all. I love you guys so much and i want you to know my testimony and faith are powerful and unshaken
Elder Clark

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