Monday, January 6, 2014

Last week we went out to play guitar on monday with one of our less actives who used to be good friends with Jimi Hendricks (or so he says... it seems possible though he has done a lot of things in his life). He used to have about 50 really really nice guitars but now he is down to just a few because he has sold most of them. So we played some of the ones he has left. It was way too loud. I still can't hear anything. We also got our car muddy because he lives way out in the Boonies, and a few people commented. It looks like we went mudding haha. Luckily our car is already the color of shiny sparkly mud.

We got a third bed this week, meaning I am probably going to stay in this area for a total of 9 months (3 more) so that I can train somebody who is waiting for his visa. That will be a good experience. If that does happen though, it will be kind of crazy because I have already been here a long time. Maybe he will speak some weird language that I can learn too! Then we will also be back in a tripanionship (3 people - it's kind of intimidating to walk to someone's door like that).

Lately I have realized that I have changed so much that it scares me. I know it is good, but I could possibly be changing too fast for myself. Like I am running faster than I have strength. I think that I have done that all of my life, and that is why I got overuse injuries in high school... weird... But I am just trying to be consistent and loving and grow!!!

That is something that is really important - making sure that you aren't killing yourself over every little thing. Mosiah 4:27 talks about that, and how all things should be done in wisdom and order. So do that! Don't do things out of order because that's not following the instructions. Then you put the car together wrong and it turns into a robot and eats your village. So that's why you have to be careful.

Here is my district (minus the blonde she got transferred a couple weeks ago). We have too much fun. We are like cousins or something.

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