Monday, December 2, 2013

From Last Week - Nov 25th

this week has been busy and fun. elder bagley is now my zone leader... how crazy is that? and now my other original trainer that was here for a week is a zone leader too. in the mission apparently your trainer is your dad so now both of my dads are zone leaders. does that mean i have leadership blood? i hope not thats scary. elder bagley being my zone leader now means we will also go on exchanges together, will see each other about every week, and will have calls a few times a week. its like he isnt even gone!!!! he moved down to hope mills where they have a TWO BEDROOM TWO BATHROOM APARTMENT. thats pretty crazy. i call it the 'panzee palace'

my new companion/district leader is elder McHan from gooding, Idaho. i think all of my companions are going to be from idaho. elder mchan was also elder bagleys mtc companion. small world huh? our district has now moved around a lot as well. We gained a set of sisters in a trio and a set of elders that i am friends with, so our district is HUGE now. It's also a lot of fun.

Nothing too crazy happened this week, but one of our investigators did tell me that I teach like I am talking to a little kid. I wasn't too sure whether that was a good thing or not but she was laughing so I just took it as a good thing haha. We did set a baptismal and marriage date for an amazing family we are teaching! They are supposed to be getting married December 20th or 21st and then baptized the next week! That will be the last week of this transfer, so it will probably be my last week in this area.

I am also re-learning Spanish, and how to play the piano. Sometimes we have extra time before meetings, so I will just sit down and practice some hymns or something. I am not any good but I will get better someday haha. I also did not get the courage up to ask President about the Ukelele yet... Elder Bagley is almost sure it would be a no so he says he wouldn't even ask. I say "why would it hurt to ask?!?!" So I will ask him someday don't worry.

Love you! Thank you so much for all the support and love.

Elder Clark the younger

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