Monday, November 18, 2013

dont think it gets more southern than me. no sirree. there are two trademarks of north carolina i am figuring out:

1. gated community trailer parks. i have now seen two. one wasnt nearly as nice as the other but thats okay it still counts. i am convinced there is nowhere else in the world that these exist.

2. having a couch on your front porch (or lawn if you dont have a porch). people sit out there and just stare off into the distance or talk to their neighbors or whatever else they happen to be doing as well. its pretty funny i think but also not a bad idea. if they dont have one there its either in their garage or in their front room staring at the window. we now put our two rocking chairs in the front room so we can join the fun.

a lot of things happened this week! we had a pretty good week actually. not numbers wise but otherwise. we taught a family that we met two weeks ago called the 'J' family. they are really really great. they are the most excited investigators to learn about the church that i have ever seen. the wife went to church until she was about 7 and she hadnt been back since until yesterday. the husband was a catholic all of his life but now is concerned with some of the doctrine, particularly infant baptism. they have made instant friends with us and some of their neighbors who are members that come with us to teach. the husband was going to come to church but got called in for emergency military duty... oh well. how we found them: we just prayed and prayed for a solid family to teach! out of the blue one day we got a referral from to send missionaries to her house, which are always really exciting because you have no control over how many of those you get or when they come!! it was pretty exciting to meet her and find out she was so interested. they are definitely an answer to prayers. she read all the way through 2nd nephi in about 4 days. holy cats thats more than i read! and every time we come to teach them they have a different friend over to meet us and be taught!

elder b is leaving tomorrow. his stuff is all packed up already! but the rest of our ward missionaries (one set of elders and one set of sisters) are staying the same even though they have all been here as long as i have been here! its kinda crazy because we were expecting about half of our district to get rearranged. but nope! just elder b. district meetings will be too fun now because we are all such good friends. elder b is leaving us to become a zone leader. being from idaho, he gets a lot from me about potatoes. especially because his entire school district gets two weeks off of school for SPUD HARVEST. i wrote a song about him called 'i love to eat potatoes' to the tune of i love to see the temple. these are the lyrics:

i love to eat potatoes
ill have a farm someday
so i can grow potatoes
and eat them every day

for potatoes are a staple crop
in idaho and ireland
ill harvest them while i am young
this is potato farmin

i think my next companion is from idaho as well so i will have to sing it to him as well.

thank you so much for all of the letters you write and your prayers and your love. i love you too.

have a nice day eh?

elder clark the younger

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