Monday, October 28, 2013

I love all the videos and pictures and stories! it makes my week so much better. especially with how good everyone is getting at sports and being friends. and youre even doing missionary work! that inspires me. i dont feel like i ever made a good enough effort to do missionary work before my mission, which i guess is why i am out here learning to do it! keep on trying! dont waste your opportunities to do something good because i know i had a lot of them in high school that i never took. BUT on thing that was emphasized this week was NEVER LOOK BACK!!! if you do make a mistake or something, dont let it trouble you. just keep on agoin like gramps says, because everyones got hard times but the ones that can come out on top of them are made stronger and given more in the end, and the ones that lose their lives for Christs sake will have eternal life.

lots of things happened this week! i gained a few pounds (up to 201) and then lost it again somehow? (went back to 194) im not sure what is happening at this point haha. i have also only killed one cockroach in about 2 and a half weeks! im a little nervous.. i think they are planning an attack... those scheming little bugs. they are so fast too. and jump at your head so be careful! also bombs were going off constantly for a weekish (even through the middle of the night) while the marines came over to train. some of them were so big they shook our house from 5+ miles away! i was impressed. plus i realized that natives here pronounce fayetteville like it rhymes with louisville (they say fay-uh-vole). its kinda funny i think! i have been working on my southern accent. i also had real home cooked fried chicken last night  for the first time on my mission. how crazy is that? i had been here over 100 days (day 100 was on thursday) before i ever had fried chicken. and the family that cooked it was from washington. messed up, i know.

i also went on exchange with my zone leader, elder b, who used to be good friends with tanner beeston and went to lehi high all four years! whoa. we might have been in the same basketball game or dance a time or two. weird huh? we also had a whole mission conference this weekend! it was amazing. it was the first one i have had, and the first one for president bernhisel too in the almost 2 years he has served out here. elders zwick and pino of the first quorom of the seventy were there and spoke very profoundly to us, saying that in their opinion president b is the best mission president in the world, and thats coming from someone who has worked with almost every single mission president! crazy. that is also who said NEVER LOOK BACK.

we also went into a gated community trailer park. in it were some of the most expensive cars and plants and exterior detail that i have ever seen, let alone in a trailer park. i couldnt believe it! it was hilarious. there was a tennis and basketball court in the center of it and everything. hahaha. i am in the south i know it.

i love you so so so so so so so so so so much! keep up the great work as athletes, scholars, gentlebots, and missionaries.

elder jeffy clark

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