Monday, October 21, 2013


the reason i say angels is because we met one this week. at least he said he was. he looked like he could be ben macklemores brother and was singing when he walked by, and we stopped him to talk and he sung out "IM SAVED!!!" and then told us that he was an angel. im pretty sure that angels dont smoke though. oh well.

i feel like we do have a lot of angels in our lives though. like for me, out here, all the people that feed us, give us rides places, teach us how to be good missionaries, all of that stuff, they are my angels. they are the ones that if we didn't have here we would be hopeless! then theres the two angels that raised me and what not. then theres other ones too that have helped me throughout my life and given me experiences that help me grow. especially my brothers. i think they are like seraphim. if you look that up it means fiery beings or angels. rileys definitely one have you seen him run over people yeah hes one for sure cuz he runs like wildfire. be careful not to get burned when he walks by.

well, i have learned a lot this week. a lot about the simple truths that i already know. especially the articles of faith. i think it is a really good idea to study them, because in them is so much more information than we really realize just by reading them. you will notice they lay out our pre earthly existence and our duty here on earth, along with a lot of information about how God works and His nature. also i read a quote this week from Joseph Smith, who said "If men do not comprehend the character of God, they do not comprehend themselves." wow. thats pretty deep. but it is true too! we must comprehend ourselves and our true nature, our spiritual nature that is, to understand God. i mean we are his children arent we?!

i have also thought a lot about prayer. especially because we talked this week with a man that thinks he is not worthy to talk to God Himself, so he felt like he should pray to the prophets and hope it goes up the line somehow. it was an interesting theory, but think about it! think of how incredible it is that our Father  allows us to talk directly to Him by praying. thats pretty special.

anyways, sorry for not having much to tell about what happened this week. we have taught a lot, found a little, rescued a bit, converted a little bit, and are working on baptizing! keep up the good work all yall.

love you!
elder clark

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