Monday, October 14, 2013


I am not losing my companion, but we are gaining a new one! we get to train him together. His name is elder chevy cruise, he is gold and was born in 2014. WHAT?!?!?! Thats right, we are getting a new car tomorrow. all to ourselves. i am going to gain 20 pounds now. ill just hand over the money while i can. the bet is over. JUST KIDDING i need to stay in rugby shape so im still motivated! im going to buy some weights soon so i can get strong in the mornings. just a pair of dumb bells is all like 30 pounds or something. we do have a meal set up with a member every single day this week though! its going to be incredible. but im going to have to work really hard haha. worth it? i think yes. im still hovering at 195ish so i have about 20lbs of leeway before i get too close to 220.

anyways, everything seems to be going just as planned. riley is superman (thats my nickname out here because some people in the ward think i look like clark kent so apparently now im elder kent!) kyle is amazing and tall, and austin is fast. papa bear is happy and foony, and mommy is running the world. i think that the only things that are really out of place are that tyler is organizing everything (what?!?!) and i havent played enough rugby lately. i think my neck is getting smaller too because my ties fit! all of them!

with the facebook thing. i cannot post my address on facebook, and i also cannot look at anything on there that doesnt further support my calling, so that includes talking to family and looking at their pages. if a friend messages me though, with an interest in learning about the gospel, i think i am allowed to message them back and teach them through facebook, and prepare them to meet missionaries where they live.

2 crazy things happened this week:
1. elder b admitted that i make people laugh haha. i wonder if he has ever once laughed at something i have said. its funny though becuase he says he laughs on the inside. i think he was just admitting that because he thought it was his last week with me. little did he know haha!!!!!
2. two cockroaches dive bombed my head on monday. TWO! dont worry though. i killed them. i also went on a rampage and killed like 20 cuz they were in a big group. i am really concerned at how good i am getting at killing bugs and flys. i should have been at conference with the australian elder with the fly buzzing around his face. i would have had it!!!

guess what?!?! i am officially done being trained. the 12 week program is over, and i am now ready to train dee world on how to be a missionary! haha we are actually thinking of starting a class in this ward that teaches from preach my gospel though. things like that missionary prep class and the missionary moment things we do back home are things i really took for granted because they dont do them out here! we are going to push for it to start though. our bishop also got deployed this week, but he hasnt exactly been released. we arent sure whats going to happen. maybe skype during ward council or something haha technology these days...

speaking of which conference!!!!! there were like 10 other people at our stake center to watch conference, even for priesthood. i didnt realize so many people watched it at home i guess! oh well. conference was amazing! it was so powerful. i think my favorite was president uchtdorfs talk on saturday. He said something that really stuck out to me: "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." he also made some great points about: if you come looking for perfect people, you will be disappointed. but if you come looking for the pure doctrine of Christ and the Spirit... you will find it here. i loved that most probably because we watched it with an investigator who is struggling to progress, and he was speechless the rest of the day after that talk. it was so powerful. its interesting to think about how even some of the very elect will be deceived. DONT BE DECEIVED!!! even when things get crazy stick to your testimony. there were many other talks that were much much needed, like the talk on women and also elder holland's talk. i love conference. its so evident that these men are close to God, and they make it clear that we can be that close to him too. that we can be witnesses of our Savior in everything we do.

i hope and pray that every one who reads this will take the courage to stand as a witness of the Savior. He is really there, i promise, and he will really help you. i promise. thanks for everything you do!!!!!!

i love you!
elder clark (the taller one)

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