Monday, October 14, 2013

im not sure why todays the day, but it is. maybe because its the day i say everything ive learned this week. ill explain all of these dont worry, but this is what i have learned: one thing is you can always trust a man with a metal detector. another one is conference confounds the wise. another one is that spoons work better for buttering than knives if you use them right. another one is everyone i have met that has been to prison hears voices. i think i understand consecration now. and finally, the restored gospel is what everyone is missing in their lives.

okee first. metal detectors. we met a man out in a field with a metal detector. he was searching for old colonial coins, and has actually found some really neat things. he wears a piece of silver he found around his neck. he was pretty into what we taught him, and hes supposed to call us today or tomorrow. if he does, guaranteed he gets baptized. hes a great man.

conference confounds the wise. one of our investigators went to conference on saturday morning, that was the only one he could make it to. so, by divine interaction of course, he was there to see president uchtdorf's talk. he said that he kept looking around because he swore that president uchtdorf was talking directly to him, and thought that the other people would be looking at him too. haha. he was really inspired, and that was the first time i have ever seen him be silent. dead silent. he was also dead silent in our lessons this week, when usually he talks the 45 minutes away. hes goofy and friendly, but this time he was silent. those who speak at conference are inspired and theres no question about it.

the spoon thing... lets just say all the forks were dirty one morning, and i was feeling lazy. so i ate french toast with a spoon. and it buttered so smoothly i cant even believe it. wow.

the prison thing is pretty self explanatory! we talked to two people in the same day that had been in and out of prison, and both of them hear voices. a lot. like in the middle of us teaching. oh well. we can pray for them.

consecration. we looked at our meal calendar last week and this week, and both saturdays were taken by the same person, someone we visit every once in a while. he lives alone out in the boonies in a mobile home that is paid off, doesnt have a car or phone, doesnt have money for electricity or running water in his house, and hardly any for groceries. but he signed up for two saturdays in a row to feed us. THAT is consecration. it reminded me of the story in matthew about the widow's mites. she didnt have anything, but gave all that she had. that is what this man does. he has nothing, but he still gives and loves. its incredible what you can learn from people.

okay last one. the restored gospel is everything that everyone is missing in life. everyone is searching for something, whether they know it or it is subconscious. something is missing. they are happy, but they dont experience true joy. they have security, but not hope. they are comfortable where they are, but they arent where they belong. and they will never ever know it until they come and see for themselves! that is our great and important duty, to help people to come and experience it for themselves, so that everyone at least has the opportunity to choose whether they will make it home or not. this is real truth, straight from the source, something that i will stand as a witness before God and men to testify. and that is because the gospel of Jesus Christ, in its fulness, and under His direction and God's authority, can fill in the holes in peoples' hearts. its a real thing with real blessings, and its something that everyone will eventually be taught whether we do it in this life or not. thats why its our duty, and our joy! how joyful a thing to help people understand - that this is everything they are searching for!

thats all i learned. just kidding. i learn a lot. every single day. i love how much i learn. and more importantly i love you! haha have a great week!

elder jeffy clark :)

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