Monday, May 5, 2014

Definitely the most eventful week of my mission so far! We were able to teach quite a bit of lessons to investigators and do tons of service and see some of the seventy and an apostle! So here are the highlights...

Monday - Awesome chicken and biscuits place that was pretty well priced for how good it was! But then one of the sister missionaries in our ward went to the ER for somethings being wrong with her pacemaker. Can you imagine? 19 years old and she has had a pacemaker for a few years. That's rough. But she is okay now after the surgery just recovering out here with her mom.

Tuesday - DEEP CLEANING of the apartment!

Wednesday - At district meeting the thunder outside backed up what I said every time I spoke. It was awesome. One time it roared really loud and I said "What do you want?". Then it roared twice as loud immediately, so I said "OK sorry!"

Thursday - We helped with bishop's storehouse and had tons of fun bagging and boxing and serving. That night we were with an old man in an electronic wheelchair that is hilarious! He said things like "Praise God I had a prayin' Mama."

Friday - Role played tracting with our recent converts haha. They practiced tracted into us as if they were the missionaries. It was tons of fun!

Saturday - Annual Apex Peakfest! We helped set up tents and supplies for vendors starting at 5:30am and had a pancake breakfast in the firehouse! It was awesome. Then we went and helped somebody move, showered quickly, and shot out across Raleigh for an emergency meeting President called for the night before. Turns out Elder Neal Anderson of the Twelve and Elders Piper, Martinez, and Packer of the Seventy were coming to Raleigh! They came and spoke to us, shook every missionary's hand and talked to us. Elder Anderson told me "It's nice to see you" as if he had seen me before haha. Then I answered a question as he was talking and walking around the chapel, and he came over and put his hand on my shoulder as we talked about the response. I know that he is called of God because I can really feel it. Elder Anderson was really friendly and actually really hilarious. He was sarcastic in a positive and loving way, and teased us and had a great time.

Sunday - An investigator who we haven't talked to in a few weeks showed up at church! He said "Yeah I just felt good about it so I came!" Haha it was incredible. That night a recent convert brought ice cream and a friend to our apartment and we sat outside in his truck bed and had an "Ice cream social" lesson talking about what he calls the "blueprint" (the Book of Mormon) (he says that's trademarked haha).

This morning - We got to the church this morning to email and what not and saw two giant cranes. We found out quickly they were replacing the angel Moroni with a new one! The old one was getting worn, so they send it back to HQ and re-plate it with 24-carat gold, and send it to another temple. The one we got is from Birmingham, AL. I got to touch it and take some amazing pictures and experience the whole thing! I hope this isn't bad but I also modeled the old worn out Moroni's trumpet for a couple pictures.

So anyways, Awesome week!!!!! I loved it. Tons of fun. YAY!!!!!!

Me (Elder Jeffy)

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