Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Monday was pretty consumed with basketball. We played like all preparation day. And had Chik fil a. It was pretty neat. Then from Tuesday on I've had kind of a cold. So in the mornings I would nap til noon and then we would go out and work after lunch! I wonder what my companion did in the mornings haha. Tuesday was what we call "deep clean day" and it happens quarterly. We have a ginormous checklist of things we have to clean and organize in the apartment. It took forever. Like all day and a little bit on Wednesday. Then I attempted to fix my bike brakes but I think I will need to just get new ones. They are old and worn down, and I need to stop because if I don't there's other things I will run into. 

So we finished organizing everything and our apartment (to this day) is pretty spotless. Like even more than when I got here. I found out that they bought this apartment when the complex was first opening up, so it is one of the really nice ones that they used as a demo and had open houses in and what not. So it's pretty much the best apartment ever. And now its the most organized one too. 

We found a few new investigators this week! It is really exciting because it is very hard to find people willing to listen in a place like this. The people are very comfortable, so they need a reason to be humble or else they probably won't listen. But since we found a few new investigators and a couple more last week the members are getting more excited about our efforts and helping us out, as well as finding more people for us! They are beginning to feel like they can trust us with their friends. 

Anyways, great things are happening out here! And it sounds like pretty great things are happening over in rock town too! I wish I was able to see some of the rugby highlights! Maybe if you sent them I could find a computer that will work to watch them. 

Elder Jeffy

PS I bought ice cream and started making smoothies every now and then so I feel more energized and healthy :) It's nice. It's very nice. 

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