Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sounds like you had a crazy dry week! But fun too. My week weather wise was quite the opposite really. We had snow (about 6 inches) over Tuesday and Wednesday, and by Friday most of it was melted. Yesterday it also rained and it is raining quite a bit more now. Hopefully we can get a ride home from here......

I am sad that the ward split! Speaking of splitting, we are splitting the area with sisters starting next week. It will be kind of crazy, especially because most of the members in this ward live in a very concentrated area: the neighborhood right next to the temple. So one of the missionary companionships is going to get the short end of the stick or the 'memberless' part of the area.

This week was really eventful I think. We got taken to a sushi place on Monday and the member (one of my favorites if that is allowed haha) bought me 2 entire rolls for myself. Elder Wood doesn't like fish, so I had his roll too haha. Then Tuesday it had snowed about 3 inches by the time we left for home at night, and I got to drive home in it. There were no cars on the road, so you can bet I had a little fun. Just ask Elder Wood I think he is still nervous about it. On Wednesday, the entire city of Apex and surrounding areas were shut down. Nobody knew what to do with the snow. It was pretty hilarious if you ask me. School was even cancelled on Tuesday for "possibility of snow"  even though it didn't snow until dinner time. Then, nobody had school for the rest of the week because some places weren't completely clear of ice (i.e. there were some really small patches of ice in shady areas of neighborhoods). So we had a few cancellations this week.

At our district meeting, the sisters in our district were talking about their investigator who wants to get baptized, except she is afraid that her Catholic mother might literally die if she does. They asked for suggestions on how to help her, and I asked, "Do you think that if you taught her about doing baptisms for the dead she would be more willing to be baptized?" The sisters were kind of shocked that I made that joke but everyone else was laughing too hard for them not to join in. It was pretty funny. I liked it anyways. Haha.

Elder Wood was supposed to teach the Young Women in this ward about photography (the young men didn't want to learn haha) on Wednesday, and he was really excited about it. Maybe too excited. When we set the plans for that the day before, I told him we should set backup plans, but he was confident that it was going to happen. So, instead, I wrote this as a backup plan:

"Chant 'CRY!' as Elder Wood curls up into a ball and cries."

Believe it or not, that is pretty much what happened when we found out it was cancelled because of snow. Okay, so he didn't really cry but he allows me to say he did shed one tear. Like I said, he was really excited.

Then on friday, I made frito salad for dinner. OHHHHHH YEAAAAAHHHHH.

Saturday was day 200 of being in the field. How crazy is that? I can hardly believe it. Then Sunday, at fast and testimony meeting, the little kids were up there preaching some interesting points (not on purpose of course haha) but I think that my favorite was "I know that Joseph Smith suffers because of our sins" or something to that nature. Little kids are hilarious.

Anyways, it was pretty fun this week. Nothing like a good laughing fun week to lighten up everyone's mood and to help us appreciate the little things we have. I love you!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Clark the younger

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