Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Overall this week was a lot of fun. I am very grateful to be able to serve. Miracles happen literally every day. We recognize God's hand in our lives as we strive to become who we should. Something I have really come to realize this week is that every commandment is not just for obedience, but to point us towards who we need to become. Keeping the law is important but what is more important is how keeping the law transforms who you are into who you need to be. That is where our personality comes out, and where we really enjoy this life. Some people (like the Pharisees in Christ's time) become robotic and obey every part of the law just to do it. But that doesn't teach you anything until you understand who you really are. I know that Christ has suffered so that we can understand and reach our potential. That is why we are here - because we have divine potential. We have more potential than we understand. I love you all so much! And mom I am really proud of your missionary work. How is the rest of the family's?

Elder Clark the younger


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