Tuesday, April 29, 2014

like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should have taken pictures of my tie collection. I have added 10 ties to it just this week! And I have another one coming (I am trading a copy of the Jane Austen CD to a missionary for a really nice tie!!!!). I came on my mission with 10 ties roughly. I now own 35. And I have only bought one for more than $1.50 and it was because I needed more purple ties in my first transfer! We also made ties out of duck tape. Pictures to come eventually!

We also got to help tear apart and repair washers and dryers this week. I learned that washers can literally eat your socks! They get swished over the edge of the washer bowl and sucked up into the drainage pipe. And out they go. Mom, if you think that the only reason we can't match all of our socks is because we lose them, it's not! They are also being fed to crustaceans in the ocean via drainage pipes.

Our mission vision is to be teaching 20 lessons per week. Facebook lessons now count for that! This week, for the first time since my very first month in NC, we taught 20 lessons! 5 were on Facebook haha. It is an amazing and powerful tool. If you have friends that could use the messages that your missionaries share, please have them add the missionaries! Or the other way around. It works miracles. It is how we can get through to those in the far corners of the earth that cannot meet with us due to political circumstances. It is also how we are able to help those that are shy, reserved, or otherwise won't meet in person for whatever reason. The Lord can help us use these types of things for good; use our talents in different ways.

None of our investigators came to conference for the first 3 general sessions, so yesterday, between the last 2 sessions, Elder J and I decided we were going to go find somebody to come with us to see the final session. We felt prompted to visit one of our investigators, who was outside smoking, in her pajamas. She has been very hesitant to progress, not because she isn't ready, but because she is afraid, and she felt the same way about conference. But we were very persistent and lovingly fearless. She really felt God's love so powerfully that just before the session started, she changed into decent clothes and followed us to conference. It was pretty amazing.

I am certain that those who reach out to their brothers and sisters are blessed with the courage to be able to bring them home. So reach out! you never know who is willing to come if you will just persistently and lovingly invite and follow up.

I love you SOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!! My mission is my favorite thing that I have ever done in life so far.

Elder Clark the younger

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