Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This week was pretty special. We got to play lacrosse last monday with one of the priests, and it was tons of fun. We had like a one on one tournament with a couple other missionaries. I think I would like it full contact! Maybe I will try it after the mission if I ever get time and before I get old and cranky about my back and ankles and stuff.

My bike went crazy this week. I went to replace my brakes and it turned into an entire bike tune up. I probably need to replace some cables and stuff. Anyways, we were biking, and I went to put on my brakes, and one of them caught on the spokes and shot off my bike. So I was brakeless for the rest of the way haha. It was pretty crazy. Then on the way back home my chain popped off too, but it was downhill the rest of the half mile or so home, so I just coasted so I wouldn't have to get off my bike and put it back on. All of this was the same day haha.

Then, this weekend we had a really once in a lifetime experience. Gladys Knight (who is a Mormon) brought an awesome gospel choir out here and put on a missionary fireside of singing and testimony of why she was baptized. It was awesome! What a way to reach out to people. We had 2 investigators who were able to go, and they both loved it. I loved it too. I tell you there is nothing like hearing someone amazing like Gladys Knight sing "I am a child of God."  She jazzed it up a little bit, and it was seriously beautiful! You should look it up. I kind of want to listen to some good southern gospel music after that. Especially from Gladys and her choir (they are called the Saints Unified Voices). Man she got her a few great grandchildren and she STILL got it. She was really funny too. She said that her first impression of the missionaries that taught her was that they dressed clean and "wear dey pants where dey s'posed to" haha.

So anyways, great week! Hopefully some good comes from this performance because there were tons of people that brought not-Mormon friends. There were probably more nonmembers than members there, and there were 4 shows of it that held over 1000 people each. It was a different experience - in a stake center, but still loud and clapping and everything. A bit different than your normal church experience.

I am really glad to get yall's emails every week and your letters. So thank you for that! Hopefully you can still feel my love for you all because it is really just growing and growing. I am excited to let you know everything I have learned when I get home, especially because I have so much more opportunity to learn in the next year and a little bit.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Jefferton II

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