Tuesday, June 3, 2014

This has been a crazy last few weeks. We are really busy and I am getting kind of lost in the work. I can hardly remember what it was like to be back home anymore haha. I think that yall might need to prepare me to go back out into the world when I get home. Like start making some classes on how to be a real person or something that I can take when I get there? I don't know.

We taught a ton this week! We had 11 lessons with investigators and 6 with recent converts and less active members of the church. It was fun! I think that we are finally figuring out how to use our time wisely haha. It's a tough thing to do because we are always going and a going and a going, so sometimes you just get going and get lost in what you are doing. And sometimes you are having way too much fun and forget what you were trying to do. That happens a lot here because Elder James and I get along really well. We could be talking pretty seriously with an investigator and all of a sudden all of us just be laughing like crazy. I think that if you watched a movie of our life as companions you might have a heart attack from laughing so much. I would encourage you to not have heart attacks though.

One day last week we had a lesson in Mandarin Chinese. It was crazy. We had a member with us that spoke Mandarin, and we just let them talk. It was awesome to hear. We got the Spirit of what they were saying at least! It was incredible because I could tell when he was talking about the First Visitation to Joseph Smith and his story! Pretty powerful.

All of my memories are starting to blend together. It is kind of funny because Elder James is having the same problem. We just sit around during lunch or before bed and tell all of the same stories and laugh because we have already heard them 4 or 5 times. Maybe I am just getting old.

But you know what? Everything is only getting better. Perspective: UP! Righteousness: UP! Plundering: UP! (what?) Joy: UP! Love: UP! 2nd Coming: coming UP! Gospel: SPREADING. I love the happiness that comes from living the doctrine of Christ and becoming more like Him. I can tell you that the most sure thing in my life is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It is secure when the world around is unstable and it is loving when the whole earth wants to hate. What could be better than sharing that with people?

Elder Clark the younger

PS There aint nothin better than a bunch of fireflies and a couple biscuit-lovin raccoon-hunters with bed bugs in their briches hollerin at a whole messa peach cream pie lovers. That's what I love about Sundays.

PPS Speaking of bed bugs I found one today in our apartment and made a whole mess of things cleaning and spraying all over and taking our couch outside. They are scary as all get out let me tell ya DADGUM THEM THINGS! Bugs aren't fun.

PPPS Yesterday we didn't email because we got an emergency referral in the morning that we biked over to see how much help he needed and we were there for about 3 hours or so listening to his whole life story. Man it was tough to hear. He is really struggling but he knew who to call that's for sure. Let me tell ya I feel like a superhero when people who aren't even members of the Church recognize us as servants of the Lord.

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