Thursday, January 22, 2015

I don't remember if I told you but I got food poisoning Tuesday night last week. That was crazy. I think I am pretty well recovered now. Christmas Eve and Christmas morning we helped with the bikes, then good naps at home, then skyping YOU, then hung out with and had an awesome dinner with the Bishop's family, then we drove up to the zone leaders' apartment which is about an hour away so that we could sleep over and go to a meeting Friday morning. That was an all day endeavor. We had the 4 hour meeting and then between lunch and travelling back from the other side of Raleigh we really couldn't do much. Saturday was a great day of work though! It went really well. We found a new investigator and taught a few lessons. That pretty much sums up our week! We didn't have much proselyting because of sickness, Christmas, and the meeting. Still good though :)

This morning though, was awesome. That's why I am writing right now. We got to play rugby for about 2 hours. That was the best. We had a lot of members go out with us and I was basically in charge of teaching everyone how to play. It started out chaotic but we learned as we went. The only people I tackled are my companion and another missionary who is going to thow javelin and shotput for UVU when he goes home. It was for fun. I of course tried really hard and dove many times and kicked and ran and everything so my once white KU shirt is now brown. It lived a long, wonderful life. It may survive I don't know haha. It feels good now to have some turf burn and scrapes and tender spots once again. Oh how I have missed that.

I love you! That's all.

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