Thursday, January 22, 2015

So yeah it's 2015. That's kind of crazy.

Our New Year's Eve was pretty great! We are not supposed to proselyte that night or New Year's day so a family took us to the church for a glow in the dark nerf war inside the gym with all of the lights off! That was really fun. We tried to be really sneaky. New Year's day we starting making some shields and lances out of bamboo so that we can joust on our bikes one of these preparation days. Pictures and videos to come when we suit up!

We tracted a few hours this week. It's not been looking great as far as tracting goes lately! We need members to make invitations. Luckily we are having an Invitation Sunday, a special church meeting dedicated to letting community members and nonmembers learn about the basics of the church. It will be awesome! It is a yearly event out here.

I can't think of much else that happened this week. I am getting behind on my journal writing because of how much I have to do out here! I will catch up though. I have written an entry for every day of my mission and I am not stopping now!


Elder Clark

PS any requests on questions to answer for next week?

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