Thursday, January 22, 2015

Things that happened this week.... Well we had a deep clean day! That was much needed as usual. Also I got to teach the entire zone on wednesday. That was pretty fun. I used the Fisher Space Pen as an object lesson on how to teach people. It was super awesome. I showed how their pen can't write underwater, and a sharpie can't write underwater, but the Fisher Space Pen can. We read a bunch of facts about it and showed how it was a huge analogy of the scriptures and converting people to Christ.

I went on a Spanish exchange and got to teach a little bit!!!! That was fun. My Spanish is much better and I can understand most of what people say. Thursday morning it was 12 degrees and we did a cross fit work out outdoors. That was crazy cold haha. We were on bikes last week too. So we got cold let me tell you. We share the car with the Spanish Elders and switch off every Monday so car week begin!!!!

I still haven't been able to set up golfing yet, but I have been working on it. Not a lot of opportunities so far but it's going to happen before I go believe you me.

I love you! Sorry it's so short this week we gotta get going and I accidentally lost track of what I was doing. SORRY.

Elder Clarky

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