Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Behold, this week hath been delicious. Yea, insomuch that two families cometh to church yesterday. Thus saith Elder Clark the younger, "I have separated this week into three categories; and there shall be three categories of things that I shall speak about this week. Wherefore, not two, nor four, nor one category," saith the younger, "but three shall be the number of categories."

1. Southern food
We had a full chicken cooked with dumplings and lima beans this week. LIKE THE FULL CHICKEN. That was so good. We were taught how to cook it too, so I may even be able to do it again. We will see someday. I ate the insides of the chicken, except Elder S1 got the heart. I got the neck too. It was really good. Then on my birthday for lunch I fried up steaks and whipped up a couple potatoes, then cooked some onions and green beans in the steak grease. Good stuff. Also made 2 quarts of Kool Aid and drank almost the whole thing in a mason jar. Finally last night we got asked what we wanted for dinner. We decided on chicken n waffles. They were so good. Fried chicken, normal waffles, some syrup and what not... I ate enough to make a valley girl look like Jabba the hut.

2. Missionary success (the most important one)
We had a lot of success this week. A few new investigators, even a family that came to church!!!!!!!!!!! And then Elder Ss was doing so good. He led us out in contacting another group of ballers (playing basketball in the park again) but this time we played with them for a bit and then talked to them. One turned out to be a less active member we were trying to find! It was great. He and his family came to church Sunday. I really love being out here and inviting people to come unto Christ. I could be rejected 100% of the time and it would still be worth it because I would know I am giving it my all to make this world a better place and help people find happiness. That's what I say is success. But I am also very grateful that there are some people who are willing to learn and listen, and make a clear choice as to whether they are willing to follow through. I really think my mission won't end in 10 months because of how strongly I feel we need to share! This is endless happiness on the line, and immediate support to those who need it in a troubled world. This is sharing love and hope, and light to those who are walking in darkness. This is making bare God's arm in the eyes of all nations - that's what spreading the gospel is. The Church is his arm, and his strength on the earth. This is the best work to be engaged in, and the most rewarding and fruitful.

4. (three, sir) Birthday fun
I got my 2 packages on Monday and the third came my birthday morning! Thank you so much. I really appreciated and needed what you sent me. I opened presents in the morning before studies and made lunch for us, because after lunch we got sent to a beautiful new building out in Mebane (pronounced Mebbin) for the open house, and stayed there the rest of the day. We were door greeters and also had a station where we talked to everyone about what missionaries do and had some games and some things on display! So that is what I did for my birthday! It was tons of fun. I am glad we went. Some sisters in our district made me some brownies, and then we also got some fresh chocolate milk from the dairy farm on the way out to the new building. That chocolate milk is the best I have ever tasted. I bought two gallons (saturday) and it is halfway gone.

Yea, thus hath been my week. Thus is my love for thee, oh family.
Elder Clark the younger

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