Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This week has been really eventful but also pretty long. On Tuesday was transfers, and I got a brand new missionary!!!!!!! His name is Elder S I will send a picture of us out to yall. He is from Provo, so the MTC wasn't too far from him. He has been really good out here because he has a great desire to serve. He is a bit shy but is doing really well for his first week. I remember I had no idea what I was doing for the first few months of the mission, so I know how he feels haha. I told him that he is going to learn tons of things, but above all to remember to "work hard, pray hard, and have fun" and he will be just fine. Especially because there is a lot expected of you when you first come on your mission, I figured that would be something comforting to hear. I feel like that is the basic essence of the Gospel, the way you push through. Just work hard, pray hard, and enjoy this time.

Wednesday I was very bold with our missionaries in the zone. Somehow I got put on the spot in a discussion with the entire zone and I told them very straight up how they needed to increase their desire. It was good for them. And probably for me too. I haven't ever done anything like that but it felt good because they needed it big time. But right after that, we were biking through town and got stopped, cornered and yelled at/cussed out for a few minutes because this poor misguided fellow thought we worshiped Moroni. I told him Moroni was a prophet that testified of Christ, and he about punched me, so we biked away. Poor Elder S his first day out gets the worst opposition I've seen yet on my mission. Also that day we got caught in the rain and soaked on our bikes. (Carolina rain is about as bad as Kansas rain - and about twice as bad as CA rain). I was loving that though. It's so much fun for me. I sang the whole time haha.

Thursday became a service day. We helped with 2 moves and did some gardening for an older couple that can't do much work for themselves. Those moves were crazy. I tried to really pick up the pace by running everywhere so there was a lot of energy there. Friday we got fed brazilian steaks, smoked chicken, and lobster, all in the same meal, by a member. It's not often we get spoiled that much but man that was incredible.

Saturday Elder S took the lead in some lessons and some contacts! Huge victory. It's been tough for him but he is doing awesome. I am excited to work with him. He has a huge secret though: he is really good at basketball. It's funny because he is real humble and quiet, never played sports competitively at all, but then he gets out on the court and goes wild. Doesn't miss a shot. Apparently he played a lot of church ball in Provo.

Anyways I realized something powerful yesterday, and that is this: I am out here on my mission because I was asked personally by Jesus Christ to serve him in North Carolina. And really there is no other reason. It's a very real thing and I love it!

Hope y'all's week is incredible.

Elder Clark the younger

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