Thursday, March 5, 2015

Howdy ho there. This week was filled with fun activities. Like jam-packed more than a turkey stuffed with a bowling ball. Last Monday we went jousting. I sent a couple of pictures of that already and I am going to try to send a video but we will see how it works out. It's been tough to send videos from my end because of how big the files are. Tuesday we must have walked 5 miles and biked around 15 on top of that. That was kind of crazy but we got a lot of good work done! It's fun because we have been going to this apartment complex ever since the week I got here when we first found it and now we know about everyone in the complex. We are starting to even be told about the gossip and what not haha. There are some great people there.

Wednesday was a fun one. We had lunch with an investigator with a high security clearance military job, and heard some great stories. A man came to meet him that had been in the President's office the day before. That was pretty crazy. Thursday was our Zone Conference! It was a lot of fun. I led the music (or was supposed to) and we sang Armies of Helaman, which is my favorite song. It's our mission song. I don't remember if I ever told any of you but singing that song at EFY was the first time I distinctly remember feeling and recognizing the Spirit. It has taken a long time since to change my heart but we are getting somewhere. I look at that as my take off point. So needless to say we sing that song a lot and I have never gotten through the chorus once without crying when we sing it together. Friday I went on exchange with the Spanish Elders and we ended up biking about 15-20 miles in the low 30's with it raining all day. We taught a couple lessons (I even helped teach some in Spanish! It is getting better) and on the bike back, my companion fell on a train track and ripped his pants. You may have seen a post on Facebook on that (one of the members here read that post in her talk Sunday! It made my week).  Saturday was a lot of fun. We learned how to make noodles at our older investigator couple's house and made a bunch for them for a service project. We are trying different things like that to connect with them. They are really good cooks and made us some roasted red pepper pesto sauce for our dinner.

Yesterday was the best though! It was our invitation Sunday. We had over 20 nonmembers show up! That was incredible. It was a lot of work trying to talk to everyone but we got to talk to all of them (I hope!). The Spirit was really powerful there. A perfect meeting for someone investigating to come to.

Today we got to golf some! We went to a driving range and played 3 practice holes. I am a little rusty but it was fun! We played with a member of our ward who is 17 and is incredible. His average score is mid 60's. That's crazy good! It was fun to play with him.


Love ya!!!!!!!!!

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