Thursday, March 5, 2015

I am writing yall first this time so that I can give you a good letter. But then again I still don't know what to say. I forgot how to be sociable over social media. On the bright side though I am way better at it in person! So that's pretty neatttttttttt. This week was well consumed by an ice storm. It started Monday night with some sleet that froze over everything. It reminded me of Kansas. So there was an inch or two thick of ice/snow or whatever you call that stuff because it wasn't really either of them and they weren't separate so who knows. So needless to say Tuesday was deep clean day and we did a DEEP DEEP clean so we could really get in between the cracks and what not. Wednesday I went on exchange and it was still pretty icy but we went 'farm hopping' (aka tracting on farms) and had zero success in fact it was more like unsuccess because everything was frozen and nobody could be bothered to talk to us haha. I don't blame them we probably looked like ghosts we were so cold.

Thursday I got food poisoning at yonder Chinese place during lunch with an investigator. No fun. Especially because it scratched up my throat, and we went to a nice restaurant with a part-member family for dinner, but I could hardly taste the food. And yes I still went to the restaurant even though I was throwing up 5 minutes before... Not sure why I am sure my judgment was lacking as usual. Try eating cheesecake with a burned throat though. That was like pouring syrup into a cut. I wouldn't recommend it. So there's my complaint for the week.

Friday we had a mission conference. Pay attention this is the highlight. Elders D Todd Christofferson of the Twelve, Soares of the Presidency of the Seventy, and Parker of the Seventy spoke to the entire mission. We got to meet them and hear from them and have a question and answer time with them. That was the best. They are so much fun and truly men of God. They understand the Atonement and know how to teach people to receive its full blessings. I have some really really good notes and insights but he spoke mostly on the spirit of revelation and prophecy. He told us we operate by both every day that we make inspired plans and decisions, because we know by faith what the outcome will be. He told us that ANYTHING we have done can be fully restored by the Atonement of Jesus Christ through sincere repentance. He repeated that same exact thing two more times for emphasis. That was powerful. Their wives also spoke to us and they were awesome. I have learned that the capability of your wife determines your capability from many of the church leaders I have met on my mission. So I will need to pick a good one.

Another news: Elder Conteh (my current Brit companion) is leaving us. I am getting a new companion tomorrow. I asked President if this would be my last stop and he is not sure yet. We will see. New companion this week though pictures to come. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Clarky

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