Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Glad to see you got my package. It's about time they got that thing to you it's been forever since Christmas! The mail carriers are slow these days ain't they. Not really, but sorry about that anyways. So yeah. This week.

You know I am learning a ton about mercy lately. I'll work it into my week. So Monday we got pizza for dinner. Tender Mercy! Especially because they thought they were going to have to cancel.

Tuesday was awesome. We had the car but decided to bike anyways for fun. Mostly because the Elders that we share the car with are complaining that they have to give it up every other week (they had one full time before and they really didn't need it) (but the assistants assigned us to switch off with them and let our Spanish missionaries, who cover 5 times the area we do, have a car full time instead of needing to bike every other week) (not sure if that all makes sense but whatever they were complaining). So we basically were saying "If you're going to whine about it, fine. Nobody gets the car." So we biked most of the week haha.

Wednesday we went to seminary and hung out with the kids there. They aren't liking it that much so we are trying to get them excited for it since they like us. So we will be going regularly now. Probably once a week. Then that day I went on exchange with a brand new green as they come missionary. He is struggling, and I learned a lot about mercy with him by feeling how the Lord feels when he is watching over him. He is going to be just fine though. I took him out tracting which I think was fun for him and he did great! Also that night we got taken to Tripp's for dinner, which is a really nice restaurant. I ate cajun chicken and shrimp which was super good. Tender mercy for sure.

Thursday we were out working all day and didn't get to dinner, but at our night appointment our investigator took us out for pizza. That was really kind and another major tender mercy/miracle. The Lord is watching out for us for sure.

Friday, we went on exchange with the assistants to the president. That was a lot of fun because the one I went with (to his area) was in the MTC with me. He was always the brown-noser type, which in the MTC bothered me, but since I have really come to love him and feel mercy for him. So needless to say we had a really good time together! They live at a member's house, who wasn't home that night, so we borrowed their guitar and piano and had a jam session in our down time before bed. I wish I could send the video but it's way too big of a file.

Saturday everything cancelled. But surprise we had pizza for lunch. And had a quick snack and slept for dinner because we were both super tired. That was pi day! 3-14-15 Stopped by our Bishop's house that night and he said "Hey just in time for pie!" and had to explain it was pi day to us so we had pie for pi day not sure how that works but that's okay pie is good with me.

Sunday was a lot of singing! Sang before church, during church and after church with our ward choir. I have gotten all the Elders in the ward to join with me :)

"But go ye and learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." -- Matt 9:13
This struck me lately. It means that Christ prefers showing love and mercy to condemning people and making others look bad. Especially it's talking about how the law of Moses is really supposed to point you to having Christlike love, not towards condemning others. We need to be like that too. We need to show mercy! So that's my invitation for the week. Go and learn what it means to show mercy instead of sacrifice.

Love you! Sorry it's so long.

Elder Jeffy

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