Wednesday, April 8, 2015

So this week was a ton of traveling. On Tuesday we biked close to 30 miles, and probably 12 hours in the car over Thursday and Friday. A little over 500 miles in those two days and I drove all of it since I am the senior companion. Tuesday was kind of funny because I went on exchange with a younger missionary, who is still very fresh and naive haha. So his companion is even younger than him. He is right out of training and turned around to train again. Anyways the younger of the two has a real hard time biking, so you can bet that when I got there with the older of the two he wanted to bike and bike and bike. So therefore we did haha. Hence the 30 miles.

Another story! I know I haven't told you hardly anything about my companion except that I knew him before but I will send a picture today to everyone. He broke his arm before Christmas on a bike wreck, and had his final doctor's appointment on Thursday! Which was awesome, but it was in Wake Forest, his old area. Which is an hour and a half away. It also so happened that the missionaries we share our car with had a meeting that day so we drove them out and back. And oh boy did we turn that into an adventure! We drove through UNC campus (it was on the way) and then saw my old apartment out there so we could study with the elders that now live there. THEY REOPENED MY OLD AREA!!!! Well it got absorbed into another area anyways but it's still nice to know it's not dead! Then on the way to wake forest we had some time so we went through downtown Raleigh just to see the town again. The doctor's appointment was quick, so before we left we visited some of Elder Coons' old friends in Wake Forest, and who did we meet? One of the Voges' really good friends! I will send a picture. I guess it didn't really register that Spencer was getting married until they showed me a wedding announcement. Surprise! So we had lunch with them and took off. The way back we went through downtown Durham since I have never been there (kind of frightening actually) and drove through Duke campus again, mostly just to say we did. Back to Chapel Hill and on home! So that was pretty much all of Thursday.

Friday was a huge 6 hour meeting for all of the mission leadership. And of course that was back in Raleigh. But no we can't go straight to Raleigh that's way too easy. In order to carpool we drove first an hour to Fayetteville, then another to Sanford, then got to go to Raleigh haha. I drove all of that. But that was fun because I got to see both Apex and Fayetteville driving through there, which were my first two areas, and also spent the day with Elder James, my old companion from Apex that we got along probably the best of any of my companions thus far since we were pretty alike haha. :)

How is everything going for yall? Sorry I just rant off in all of my emails I just get so into these stories! It's my life don't ya know. Plus I love it! This week will be fun I will let you know more about it next week but it could be my last week in Pinehurst! Either that or I will be staying here til I die! Also we got permits to tract in Pinehurst, which is illegal without them and they are kinda a challenge to get but we got them! So we are going crazy this week with that.

I love you super much!!!! Tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Clarkyyyyyyy

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