Wednesday, April 8, 2015

So this week we started working out with a machine. (We have time allotted to workout every morning so yes it's okay mom haha) Well he's a man that's part machine. Well he's ex-special forces in the army and has studied a ton and come up with the best getting in shape and strong workouts that there are. So he's pretty strong despite being in his 60's and having had 4 neck surgeries and a few back surgeries including 2 fused lumbar... So anyways we did 2 of his favorites this week. Monday and Wednesday morning we did a 45 minute intense workout with 12 minutes straight of different types of pushups, 15 min of standing squats, etc. He taught us how to actually work abs because sit ups are actually leg workouts rather than abs. Friday morning we did a 2.5 mile hike around a local reservoir stopping every 50yd or so to do pushups. In total I did 720 pushups that morning. That was insane. So morning workouts have been really good lately.

Story time! So we were biking to an appointment, and I was thinking about how I want to become more like Christ. So I started singing "I'm trying to be like Jesus" out loud. About as soon as that happened I got cut off by a lady that definitely saw me coming so I slammed on my hand brakes and barely missed hitting her car. As I started going again my bike chain snapped. Just broke. So a man saw the whole thing and pulled over to help. We thanked him for his help and offered him a card, which resulted in being grilled for about 20 minutes on how we teach false doctrine etc. So we thanked him for his time and went on our way. We coasted on our bikes downhill and walked uphill so we could make it to our appointment, but we were late enough that it didn't work out. So needless to say, I learned a little more what it's like to be like Jesus. There wasn't a second of his life that was without opposition. But there were always little blessings along the way - like a man that wasn't at all interested in talking with us last week that we decided to stop by anyways, and he ended up fixing my chain and gave us water. Sure enough he used to own a bike shop. So that day was well spent.

That was the highlight and also took a lot longer to write including space so that will be all folks. Thanks for listening and we will catch you next time on Jeffy's Travels. Have a great Monday.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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