Wednesday, April 8, 2015

So this was a crazy week. I think that I mentioned that we got permits to tract in Pinehurst for this week. Well, that's basically all that we did. Tracting is one of the most difficult things, but it is my favorite because:
- It shows Heavenly Father I am willing to do whatever it takes to talk to his children
- It's really a social event you get to hang out and walk around with your companion and talk between doors and what not
- It really builds good missionaries. Many people think that tracting is useless, but if nothing else I am much more confident in talking to people on the street and teaching people with the Spirit after I have spent a couple of hours tracting.

So anyways. I definitely busted my knuckle this week knocking on doors. Maybe I knock too hard. I should have taken a picture of that though. On Monday we took a short preparation day, and spent the rest of the time tracting. Tuesday I went on exchange with one of my really close friends who is in my district, and we spent 12 hours tracting. 9am to 9pm. 900 to 2100. We even packed lunch and dinner and walked everywhere and everything. We sat down 3 times the entire day. Once was for lunch, once when we got a ride to the next place, and once taking a phone call for a minute or two. Yeah we ate dinner while we walked haha. We wasted no time. You can bet we were super tired but it was definitely worth the experience and the amount of people we got to talk to! There were some really awesome people that day. The rest of the week we did more tracting and then watched conference! I loved conference. Probably my favorite talk was from President Uchtdorf on grace. The world really needed that. The church really needed that. So that members and nonmembers alike understand what we really believe. Anyways, conference out here is like a missionary's Christmas. I feel like I will never get to focus on it as much as I do on my mission. And get so much out of it. I loved the Easter video too! I hope you watched it over and over and shared it and everything.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Elder Clarky

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