Wednesday, April 8, 2015

So first of all, I am actually sending the Christmas package this week. No more delaying, no more saying I am not ready. I am actually going to do it. If I can find the post office that is. I am not sure where it is but I will get there somehow. Cross that river. Nothing's stopping me now.

Next of all, there have been kajillions of people asking me about Sadie and I am just not sure what to tell them. How is that pup anyway?

Now I am going to tell you three things (plus two other things) that you need to keep secret.

1. We did a lot of painting this week. So that was fun

2. We did a lot of construction this week. We were building a house for a member in our ward with Habitat for Humanity (a charity organization that works with the community to provide low cost homes for those in need). So that was fun

4. I love this place. We have so much good going on here. And I have the feeling that I probably will have another area actually... So that was fun

5. We got to throw and stack around 400 hay bales on Saturday (throw out of an 18-wheeler and stack in a huge neat pile) and went to Cracker Barrel as a reward. So that was fun

Anyways. Like I say, sorry my emails were getting boring a little bit ago... I have realized that my brain was pretty well crashing on preparation days. Which is a good thing I guess because that is what Mondays are for out here, but I definitely should have still wrote better notes over the last couple of months. Here's the good part:

Overall my attitude and perspective have risen significantly. I am learning Christ's mercy, and it is the most empowering thing I have experienced. I even get a little emotional lately about how strongly I feel His love for those I serve and serve with, and also for you my family, and as you know it is really not like me to get emotional. But I know that my heart is being changed. I have realized why we need Christ in our lives; we all do things that limit our potential. We by our own power can stop doing those things for a while, but that still doesn't change who we are inside. The purpose of Christ's suffering is to change our entire nature. To make us a new creature, one that can reach our original potential. And we can invite that through our faith and good works. I love that and appreciate the Atonement more every day.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Jeffy Clarky

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