Monday, July 7, 2014

I have really been working on my southern accent lately. Elder M is trying it out too. I don't think I could really pull off an English accent but I still make fun of him anyhow. It's fun because of all the small words and phrases that he says are so different. I wish I could think of examples but they happen so often now that I can't think of any. Oh well. Maybe I will start making a list of loads of them so I have something to report. We have tons of fun though! Like this week we made fortune cookies with scriptures in them. With our own recipe. They weren't too bad! Just stuff like that we do on our lunch break or before bed.

So our poison ivy scare turned out to be chiggers. It looked like poison rash at first but then they kind of pulled away from each other. It's not too itchy anymore and they are going away, but they are all over. Good thing we got hydro cortisone!

I sent a picture of a concrete guitar - That was made by a blind man in our ward. He is awesome. He's a real typical southern folk; a real deal yankee-hatin, fri-chicken-eatin confederate. He's pretty awesome. He feeds us lunch about every week and loves missionaries. Now we just gotta get him out to church!

We currently have 2 investigators in Chapel Hill, a man and his girlfriend that we found last week. We are going to try to get out and get some activities going, maybe at or around campus so we can really try to engage people. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know! One thing that I want to try is setting up a free Book of Mormon booth. See if that yields any results. Then I also think that the missionaries should sing the national anthem at the UNC-Duke game. I'll ask President about that one.

Anyways, things are going great! Exactly a year from today will be the last day of my mission, the day that I will fly home if everything is on the same schedule. Thursday is my 'hump day' where I actually have been out on my mission for a year, so I have a shirt with the hump day camel on it (from the commercial). We have service set up for that day, so I'll get to wear it! It's really made me reflect on the last year and think about what went well and what I want to do better for the next one. I'm excited though! Things are going really well and I am so thankful for this mission I have had so far. It's my favorite year of my life yet. There is nothing better than serving the Lord by serving others. I love the Gospel and love my Savior.

Thanks for being the bestest family ever! I love you so much.

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