Sunday, December 14, 2014

Well this week was fun! We had tons of miracles. We had our first lesson taught to an investigator with a member there in over a month! It was an incredible lesson too. Then we had a less active come with us to teach his less active neighbor! That was really great for both of them. We also had 2 exchanges with mission leaders this week:

1) I went and taught in Spanish most of the day on Wednesday! That was great fun. My Spanish has improved a lot in talking and I can understand the entire conversations now! If only I was able to be immersed in the culture I think being fluent would come pretty quick. I just don't know the phrases that people use in average conversation very well.

2) An Elder from Rio Linda came on exchange with me! His name is Matt Del Nero and he is going home on December 3rd. He came to Chapel Hill with me. That night we went to dinner at a member's house that the wife went to Del Oro growing up! So that was a NorCal reunion if I ever been to one.

Saturday was fun too. We raked up tons of leaves. Honestly probably 2000 lbs of leaves. We made a pile with the first half of the leaves that was 6 feet tall. Then we dove and flipped into it at lunch time. Pictures and maybe video to come! Then a couple took us to Costco for dinner and I got 2 polish dogs, and they bought us all churros too. That was fun.

Sunday was really revelatory. We were fasting for some extra help and had some great things happen at church and afterwards too. Still nobody came to church but one of these weeks we will have a break through! If you ever get the chance have a recent convert or a less active member come over with the missionaries for a lesson! We had one last night and it was really powerful!

Thanks for waiting for me back home. I hope you continue to not leave. Except for Ty he is allowed to do anything that will earn him a good wife. So that's it. Until next time, Elder Clark.

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