Sunday, December 14, 2014

So Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't remember what happened this week so I am going to refer to my journal and give you some random snippets of quotes from throughout the week.

"Cookout for lunch - FYI chicken nuggets are probably the smallest side dish. Never again."
--Me on Monday

"Had T-Bones with [our blind friend] - I grilled them and burnt one side but they were good."
--Me on Tuesday

"We went tracting for 2 hrs and didn't get any positive response at all. Then Facebook, then more tracting & contacting with similar results until: we accomplished a life-long dream of mine in that we tracted into a member! That was awesome."
--Me on Wednesday

"Got to help [a family] put in a tire swing today! That was fun getting in the tree and what not."
--Me on Thursday

"Incredible biscuits."
--Me on Friday

"So instead we got a 9 pack of Cinnabons ... and ate them ALL then and there. I forgot how good those things are."
--Me on Saturday

"Even if you only have one solid convert on your mission, and that convert is you, your mission is a success."
--Me yesterday quoting a wise member

So as you can now attest to from your limited research about 57.1% of what I think about is food. Or maybe that's what I am thinking about now so I subconsciously chose a lot of quotes about it. Anyways thanks for listening! That about sums up my week. THIS has been the best week of my mission YET!!! I swear it gets better every week. Every day. All the time.

I love you!!!!!!!

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