Tuesday, December 16, 2014

So I just skimmed through my last few emails and realized I have become quite boring on here. Sorry if you tune it out and just glance over my emails I will take responsibility for that haha.

I will try to spice them up and make it more exciting. 

WE FOUND 11 NEW INVESTIGATORS THIS WEEK!!!! Let me illustrate that for you.

Not to count my chickens before they hatch though. We got work to do!

I am pretty excited though. This area is awesome. This is Elder Conteh and I dancing since it's preparation day.

A typical day out here is studies in the morning, an extra hour for district stuff which has been interesting such as conference calls or accounting calls or just figuring out how to help everyone, or else a meeting depending on the day. Then we have lunch, and I am teaching Elder Conteh how to fry chicken southern style as taught by our blind friend. We also bought some Tilapia and have cooked up some fish. Good stuff. Then we go out and proselyte all day!!!! Usually in this area, since the members are GREAT, we have dinner appointments about every night. We get fed really well here.

Thinking about my mission, I have really loved what this is helping me to do. I feel so much more in control of me and so much more at peace in life. I am really not worried one bit about the future because no matter what happens it is all part of the plan.

Elder Clark

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