Monday, November 3, 2014


Thanks for your notes every week! And thanks for sending videos and pictures! And thanks everyone for doing stuff that is video and picture worthy. You are all worthy of pictures (and cookies) in my eyes.

Well, this week was kind of crazy. I don't know if i have mentioned before but my companion (still the one I trained but we are out of training now and just companions!) has had a lot of opposition on his mission so far. I am going to write the rest of the letter in Spanish. Esto no es verdad, actualmente. But he has sprained his ankle, hurt his back pretty good, and got sick a couple of times so far. It has been tough for him but he is a major trooper! So that is basically how our week went though. He couldn't leave the apartment for sickness until Thursday this week. I still wanted to get up on schedule and do studies and everything while he slept his sickness out, so needless to say I have now finished the entire standard works in 2014. I read the second half of the Doctrine and Covenants and all of the Pearl of Great Price this last week over probably a dozen hours of sitting and reading. That was pretty fun haha. My brain is about to explode though.

So then Thursday night we had our ward trunk or treat, and I wore a Superman shirt under my white shirt and left it unbuttoned so I could show a select few people my identity. Elder S did the same with a Batman shirt. Pictures on their way don't worry!

Friday we had a couple of Dr appointments for Elder S, and I couldn't sit anymore having done so the entire week so I stood and stretched and did lunges and wall sits and a bunch of other standing workouts right there. That was fun. Saturday we got invited to a 1 year old's birthday party to meet some nonmembers that would be there. Since he is a boy, we all wore mustaches. Pictures to come!

I have to quote Elder S. He's gonna kill me for this but I have to. We were describing our new investigator to our Ward Mission Leader, who recently had a hip and a knee replaced. So Elder S7, describing this, said, "He has some unoriginal body parts... Well, he is a man, HE WAS ALWAYS A MAN!" By that point he was about yelling trying to get himself out of the hole he accidentally got into haha. We were all just dying laughing and I had to explain that he meant our investigator had some joint replacements. Good times. Happy times.

I love yall!

Elder Clark Kent

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