Monday, November 3, 2014

y is almost home... And I will come home exactly 9 months from the day he gets home. This is all too fast. Sometimes I wonder how real this life really is because it goes so fast and is so brittle and fragile. I feel like the Gospel is even more true than life. We may not even be in one place at one time. Time may not even mean anything really. But eternal truth is unchangeable and always existed and always will. It's beyond the troubles and worries we go through. Those are very temporary.

This week wasn't too bad! Pretty eventful actually. We were on bikes this week and got caught in the rain a couple of times again. That's always fun for me. It changes things up. The weather here is also really nice right now - it has been in the low 70's and high 60's.

Last week we played baseball and soccer on monday! That was tons of fun. We had probably 14 elders, and once a couple of them left we played touch rugby for half an hour or so. That was so much fun. First time in a long time that I have been able to play.

Then like the picture I smoked some GIANT porterhouse steaks on Tuesday with one of our good friends who is blind. That was awesome. The biggest ones I think I have ever had. And the best. We ate them with our hands because plates and knives are irrelevant when you are blind. I'll be the first to tell you that.

We got to go to Chipotle Thursday with the family that we were helping while they were in the hospital! That was awesome. They were up here for a follow up visit and they got a hold of us to meet up for lunch. That was one of the things that made my week.

Saturday I figured out how to make country fried steaks. They turned out really good. I'll have to teach yall when I get back. Fun stuff! I am coming to love cooking haha.

I guess this week was pretty solid foodwise. That was definitely fun.

We are teaching a few people who have good desires to learn God's will for them, but all of them are experiencing one form or another of opposition. There is tons of opposition out there. It is crazy. We are experiencing a lot too, but it hasn't set us back. Maybe we aren't baptizing everyone or having a lot of success stories, but we are doing our best! Inviting others to come unto Christ as best as we can and allowing them to choose whether they will follow him. We are doing our duty and fulfilling our purpose. I love what I have gained out here, and I hope others have been sincerely benefited as well, but I know I don't have much control over that. The extent of what I can do is change me and do better myself. I can't decide for someone else. I love that about the Gospel - we really understand that we can control us and we are the only ones that have the capacity for that.

I love being a part of this. It is molding me and shaping me and always makes me happy. I love it. Thanks for being a part of my life and helping me get out here, and sending prayers especially because the work needs them for sure.

Love you!
Elder Clark the younger (for the last time I guess)

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