Monday, November 3, 2014

Hola! Como estan? I decided this week to randomly say a prayer in Spanish. My companion had no idea what was happening. Good times.

Some other highlights:

Monday -- We got to play basketball at some UNC practice courts and go out to the dairy farm again. I feel really at home looking out over the pasture. Is that weird? Never lived there but I feel at home there? I don't know.

Tuesday -- Tennis for workout in the morning! That's the nice thing about being in the city with other missionaries close. We get to hang out on preparation days and work out together. We also did some interesting service at our blind friend's house. We went under the house in the crawl space and propped up a beam that didn't have much support, using a cabinet jack. I should have taken a picture. Oh well.

Wednesday -- Contacted some people on UNC campus because there was a free food event out in the courtyard. That was fun. Kind of intimidating though because there were so many people there. Elder Sabins' bike tire popped too. That was rough. I didn't notice him yelling to me that it happened (probably singing) so I went a long ways off towards our appointment before I realized he wasn't there. That was scary haha I thought I lost him! A good samaritan helped him out though. He even had an extra tube that fit the popped tire!

Friday -- We got in a bike race with 2 hilarious little southern girls, like 5 and 7 years old. We let them win of course and gave them pictures of Jesus and the temple. They said they were going to post pictures of them on instagram haha. Elder Sabins' tire randomly popped again. I think something isn't right with that with 3 pops in 3 weeks... Could just be a feeling though.

That's a lot of the fun highlights. Other than that we had a much better week teaching wise. We had some really motivating lessons with some less active members and met with 2 new investigators! They are both really looking to change their lives for the better and it is really great to be able to help them and support them.

Love you MOM AND DAD AND TY AND RI AND KYLE AND AUSSIE! Merry Daylight Savings this weekend!

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