Monday, November 3, 2014

Thanks for writing me this week family! I LOVE YOU!

Some fun things this week:

-- I took another companionship Thursday morning and we did a Pride Day. It was so fulfilling. We got there early and ran and jumped and crunched and ran some more. Oh how I loved it. I miss those sometimes. the other Elders pretty much died though... They thought it was awful haha.
-- Elder Sabins cooked some chili (from scratch) blindfolded this week to learn how our wonderful blind friend feels. It turned out not too bad. I ate enough that I was actually full. 3lbs of meat, and about the same amount of beans and salsa. There was a ton and I couldn't finish it...
-- I found out I am NOT getting transferred! That was unexpected. That will mean I have spent 4 transfers in each area so far (after this one that is). Maybe I will only have 4 areas on my mission even!
-- I made some orange chicken this week from scratch that turned out pretty good!

We are still having a lot of trouble reaching people. It is comforting to know that the harvest is the Lord's, and with that we are doing our absolute best. The work is hastening across the world! That is for sure. I love being a part of that. But the work is not convincing or forcing; the work is inviting souls to have joy. We need to be willing and accepting and do what we can for it to take effect!

I love you all! Never stop inviting.

Elder Clark

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