Monday, November 3, 2014

Temple this week! That was so good. I really love the temple more than any place. There is nothing that compares to the peace and comfort you can feel if you are there in a spirit of service and worship. If you can, go there! It is worth it for sure.

We also had a wonderful zone conference this week! That was awesome and inspiring and afterwards we watched "Meet the Mormons." It is a really good and non-threatening documentary, so I would definitely encourage anyone with friends/family that want to know about the church to go see it with them! Really powerful and moving if you ask me.

Investigator-wise, this week was tough. We have lost contact with all of the people that we were teaching before. However, that doesn't change that we are still working hard and pressing forward. Like I have said, the biggest success for me is doing the best I can to help, serve, and strengthen others in any way they will let me. If no more baptisms or even investigators come from my work I will still know I am doing what I can.

This is the last week for Elder Sabins to be in training! After that we will do an hour less of study every day and then be like equal companions! That will be fun. I may be getting transferred though. I guess I will find out Saturday and let yall know Monday! I have loved being in Chapel Hill despite the tough times. I am really learning how to work. And cook. And lead. It's a different experience for sure.

I love you and thanks for being diligent in writing me! There are quite a few Elders whose families don't write them much, but yall write every single week! Except one or something. Thanks for that. I definitely need and value the support!

Elder Clark

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