Monday, November 3, 2014

We are having a lot going on out here! We have found many new investigators in the past two-ish weeks and are starting to see our schedules fill up, and we actually have someone who wants to be baptized next month too! I am really excited about that because it has been a while of tracting and talking with people.

You just can never give up. If you are struggling, just hang on a little longer. Relief is on it's way, and you will be given it before you fall. There is no reason to worry when the founder of the mountains and rivers, and the one who brought together the oceans and the land from the dust of the universe, is watching over you and ready to help you. The waves and winds still know his voice.

We have so much fun out here! Elder Sabins is getting much more comfortable in the work and it is exciting to see him grow as a missionary. We also fried an entire chicken this week. The whole thing. Gizzards and heart and all. I had the gizzards this time. And I know now how to fry good chicken. Southern style. It's awesome. I'm learning some other dishes too but that one is probably my favorite. That's pretty neat!

Love ya!
Elder Clark

PS I am sending home today hopefully a package with everyone's birthday presents for the year. Also with some things I have never used or won't ever use out here like a book given to me from an investigator. So be expecting that!

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