Monday, November 3, 2014

It feels lonely to be the only Clark out here on the East Coast. NOW I know how Ty felt being at SVU. Kind of crazy I think.

How was conference for yall? Did you get to watch any of Saturday or just have tons of games? I think Sunday morning was the best one for me. Elder Holland always gets me feeling bulletproof when he talks. I wonder if he would remember me...

I got sick this week :( That was really sad. I had to sleep through the afternoon one day and just felt off. That will really get you restless as a missionary let me tell you. I genuinely don't like not doing nothing. As if there weren't enough negatives in that sentence here's another one: we saw a crash last week in the rain... It was sad. Nobody hurt at all but 3 cars most likely totaled. Enough with the negative. Let's get down to the nitty gritty.

We got to visit someone in the burn unit of the hospital a few times this week! I think I put in a plug for him last Monday but he was in a boat explosion. He is awesome. He got released yesterday and sent on his way home! Not getting baptized quite yet but he and his wife are definitely determined to meet with the missionaries back home. That was really exciting! Sad that they left though. That's the hard part about the hospital for us is that they are only here for a few days or weeks and we get to really develop relationships with them over that time.

I forgot to mention a family last week but there is a couple in my ward that was good friends with Brad! He sent Brad a picture of us a couple weeks ago. PS HOW ARE THE BEESTON'S? It's been a while.

If yall ever come to the south, you NEED to go to Bojangles. It is the best fried chicken fast food I have ever had. And really good price too. Just saying.

Somehow I hit 15 months this week... That's pretty crazy to me. Oh well. We are going to the temple on Wednesday! (Apparently Ty is also going there pretty soon with Annie question mark?) Anyways I think that I need the boost of the temple. It's going to be incredible. More to come if you join us next week onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Craig's news.

Love you!
Elder Clark

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