Monday, November 3, 2014

Before I get into things too deeply, I would like to note that I have a companion that walks up to me randomly with a loaf of bread and hits me over the head with it. Isn't that special?

This week was fun! Elder S was a bit sick still in the beginning of the week but he got much better. We did some service this week that involved chopping down giant tree limbs from a really tall tree. I will send a couple pictures if I can!

We also got to see the primary program yesterday! It is an amazingly different and awesome experience to see one on the mission. I almost cried haha. It's bad.

We had a ton of good things happen this week too! Some new investigators, a lot of lessons, and we also tracted out an entire apartment complex on Wednesday. That was a lot of fun. Things are going great out here!

Perspective is everything. I have realized that a lot on my mission. I'm going to make up a parable for that. There are two farmers, a father and his teenage son. The father gives his son a dull sickle and himself uses a sharp one. The son with the dull sickle doesn't harvest nearly as much as his father, and complains that it is because his tool is so bad. So, his father decides to trade him. After a lot of work, the son realizes that he is still not harvesting nearly as much as his father, and complains that it is because he did not sleep well the night before.

The point of that is perspective. The father, no matter what his tool is, puts all of his effort and energy into his work and never makes excuses. I think a lot of times we say things like. "If I only had more time I could do better" or "If I only were smarter than I could be more useful" or "If I were a prophet, then I would work harder and be more perfect." But what it comes down to is this: each of us has a great opportunity to do good. We all have gifts that are tools for righteousness, especially for the harvest. If we do our best with what we have, we are doing our duty. We may not even be as effective as someone with a brighter mind or a more joyful personality, but there is a purpose for that. There is work to do! There is eternal happiness on the line for both us and for others! They need us and we need them, and we can do nothing more than our best. That is all anyone could ever ask of us. Do your best with your circumstances!!!!!!!

I love this work! Thanks for all that you do!

Elder Clark the younger

PS What other things should I include in my emails? I am never sure what yall want to know about what is going on throughout the week!

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